Quality Assurance Consultancy, Re-Float

Eligibility Specialized local companies in this field
Tender Category/Status اعادة العطاء
الدرجة Specialized local companies in this field
Fee 0.00
Floating Date 28-August-2022
Document Collect Until Date 07-September-2022
Submission Date 11-September-2022
Tender Visibility Status نعم

Qualified & specialized local companies in this field shall obtain the documents, terms and conditions as well as technical specifications through the email.

The submission must be in two Separate envelopes technical and commercial offers and shall be addressed to Oman Post & Asyad Express as per the requirements in the tender document. Location: HQ building, old Airport – Asyad Fulfillment.

Specialized Companies may obtain Tender Documents from Procurement Dept..

All clarification & correspondence pertaining to the Tender inquiry must be through below email.

Oman Post & Asyad Express are not bound to accept the lowest price and reserves the right to accept or reject any offer without assigning the reasons.

For more information please contact us via: (tender@asyadexpress.com) , Tel: 24922124,