PO Boxes are special lockers in mail offices, equipped with a lock for each individual and Corporate.

Additional Information

  • poboxesThis is your permanent address for everyone who wants to reach you from anywhere in the world regardless of the change of your business address or place of residence.
  • poboxesYou can receive purchases safely from e-commerce sites, correspondence, parcel items and documents from anywhere, collect items at your convenience. Available in all retail offices across Oman as the largest postal services network in the country.
  • poboxesIt is allowed to add first degree family members, provided it does not exceed 5 members (husband/wife, mother, father, children under 24 years old, in addition to domestic workers) for individual subscribers.
  • poboxesCompanies can be also added to the same corporate PO Box with an additional payment of 75% of the corporate subscription fee provided it is the same PO Box owner.
  • poboxesSubscribe/ Renew your PO Box now!

Individuals (ID card or Passport)

  • poboxesSubscription Fee: 20 OMR + VAT
  • poboxesValid phone number

Corporates (Commercial Registration papers)

  • poboxesSubscription Fee: 60 OMR + VAT
  • poboxesValid phone number

  • poboxesThe annual fees must be paid upon the new subscription directly and the customer must renew the rent of the post box within a month from the expiry date. In case of delay, a fine of 6 riyals is calculated.
  • poboxesOman Post reserves the right to stop the service if the subscription is not renewed within two months of its expiry date.

Service Features, Specifications & Advantages

  • poboxesService offered by our retail offices - the largest mailing network - in Oman.
  • poboxesA permanent and important address for every individual or corporate.
  • poboxesReceiving all correspondence through the postal box by providing keys for each box.
  • poboxesYou will be notified by text messages of correspondence for registrations, parcels and express mail.
  • poboxesNormal letters and correspondence can be found in the box without the need to visit the retail office counter and even after official working hours.
  • poboxesThe mailbox address is important to be used in all transactions with government and service institutions, banks, individual correspondence, and global online shopping sites.
  • poboxesYour incoming correspondence is treated with care, priority in sorting, transporting and distributing.
  • poboxesYour incoming correspondence is kept in the box and some of it in secure designated places for quick receipt.