Government Services
Government Services

Ministry of Commerce and Industry Service

  • The post offices shall receive and transfer transactions and commercial records of individuals, including company records to the headquarters of the Ministry or one of its directorates in order to renew such transactions and clearance of all formalities and procedures and then return them to their owners again.

Ministry of Housing Service

  • Post offices shall receive residential land applications and transfer them to the Ministry of Housing and its Departments and Oman mail.
  • Sincere desire to give effect to this Agreement to include many of Ministry of Housing services which should be provided through post offices scattered in various regions of the Sultanate.

Ministry of Finance (General Secretariat of the taxes)

  • Post offices shall receive transactions related to taxes of companies and institutions subject to the tax system in order to ensure quick and efficient way to deliver and receipt of transactions and achieve them.

Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Post offices shall receive and deliver all transactions and certificates of association between individuals, companies and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to renew them from the headquarters of the Chamber or one of its departments.

Royal Oman Police Service

Post offices shall receive passports, applications for residence visas and road permits and transfer to the headquarters of General Directorate of Passports and Residence or one of its Departments in different governorates of the Sultanate to take all actions requested by the service provider and then returned back.