Chairman's Message
Chairman's Message

Royal Decree No. (48/2005) issued to establish Oman Post Co. (S.A.O.G.), based on the wise government's keenness and general trend to privatize the Service Sectors in the Sultanate, including the postal sector, which is important tributary in the development process, so the importance of this sector in the provision of different postal services in the Sultanate.

Where the decree is aimed at giving the Company more to achieve the objectives for the improvement and development of postal services to keep pace with market requirements and to meet wishes of the citizens and residents.

According to government’s direction to provide all its services through the umbrella of the e-government, Oman Post Company sought to implement this approach through the company's Web site for the convenience of users of postal services to be affordable for those who wish to take advantage of them.

Oman Post Company has a variety of services touch the lives of citizens and residents to meet their desires, through which the basic and additional postal services are the most important services.

Whereas the Company has a wide network including 94 post offices spreaded across the Sultanate, from the constant concern to bring the postal and other services to the commercial, residential and industrial sites.

As well as the Oman Post Company has a sophisticated transport fleet dedicated for transportation and distribution of posts in accordance with specific schedules include all regions of the Sultanate in order to achieve universal service, speed performance and reduce time-out distribution to cope with the global standards in the distribution and delivery.